Ava’s Dolce Boutique

When you receive an email from an adoring follower wanting it work with you, it’s kind of a big deal. That’s how met Mayra, the founder of Ava’s Dolce. We both picked up our phones and texted “OMG did you read that sweet message from Mayra?!” It meant so much to us.

Mayra is in the midst of launching her own company in the middle of planning a big wedding. Sound familiar? We immediately sympathized with her. Mayra is a true #SceneGirl in that she has an undying love for two year old daughter, Ava and of course, a passion for fashion. Our kinda girl.

Mayra was inspired by Ava when she noticed her love for dresses, shoes and all things beautiful, at such a young age. She gets it from her mama! With a love for fashion herself, Ava’s Dolce was born. You’ll notice that the looks at Ava’s Dolce are strategic, Mayra doesn’t mess around. They’re seasonally trendy, flattering, flirty, and fun! So much fun!

We love supporting local businesses and fabulous local moms out there, so we’re excited to introduce you to Mayra and Ava’s Dolce! Stay tuned for details on an upcoming event we plan on doing with her at her showroom!

xoxo, Lindsey & Lilly

Sip + Shop at Poema Swim

Remember the fabulous bikini company, Peoma Swim,  we introduced you to during our “Best Friends GALentines Day” giveaway? We got an overwhelm response from the giveaway and so many disappointed posts from people who didn’t win. Well, now here’s your chance to get your hands on a Poema bikini, just in time for summer.

This Thursday (April 21) from 5-9pm,  Poema Swim will be hosting a Sip + Shop Event at their showroom in Boca Raton! Come by and enjoy lite bites, great music, bubbly & wine along with 20% off all full priced bikinis and cover-ups. For every friend you bring, you will receive $5 off your purchase.Attendees will also have the opportunity to pre-order Poema’s summer collection at a discounted price. We just had a sneak peek of their summer collection, and it is EVERYTHING.

There will also be a sample sale where you can receive bikinis and coverups for $10-$15. Yes, we’re serious. Lindsey, Lilly and the #SceneGirls will be there shopping away for all their essential summer needs. Have we mentioned that we’re going to Vegas in August?
Stop procrastinating that summer wardrobe and jump on the opportunity to embrace the season like the true #SceneGirl you are.

xoxo, Lindsey & Lilly

Irresistible Who? Irresistible Me!

Lindsey here! Yes, I’m getting real with you guys today. After abandoning my lifelong dream of being a blonde in November 2014, I was immediately faced with thin, brittle, disgusting hair. My monthly highlight and single processing appointments finally got the best of me. It also probably doesn’t help that I quit the blonde life cold turkey and went from a Marilyn to a Jackie during one hair appointment. No one to blame but myself. Did I mention that I also decided to do this the month before two of my best friend’s weddings? Sorry gals…

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Waxing the City | LLScene’s Newest Obsession

When was the last time you had a good wax? If it takes you longer than 5 seconds to remember, it’s time to stop what you’re doing and call Waxing the City Boca Raton.

Per Michelle’s recommendation we booked our appointments with Barbara and couldn’t have been happier with the results. She took her time explaining why the waxing process at WTC is so different than any other waxing chain in the industry, while meticulously waxing away.

What makes WTC so different you ask?

It’s really not that painful. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, so you can expect a short, stinging sensation after the strip is pulled, but their team truly prides themselves on their ability to eliminate pain through the use of applying small strips of wax to the designated area. Continuous waxing causes finer and less hair therefore waxing becomes less painful.


 It’s all about the wax. For the face and more sensitive areas of the body, they use a hard wax that shrink wraps and hardens around the hair and lifts from the skin creating a less painful removal. They use a more traditional soft wax for larger body areas such as legs, arms, chest, and back, which is removed by using a cloth strip.

Depending on how fast your hair usually grows, you can anticipate your next appointment being 4-5 weeks after your original wax. However, you’ll notice hair will slowly start to grow back in 2-3 weeks. The best way to prevent hair growth is to exfoliate with WTC’s Sugar Scrub! Not only will it prolong the growth process, exfoliating will also help with the pain of future waxes! Sounds like a win/win for us! Some advice…DON’T SHAVE! It will make your next wax appointment 10x more painful.

You didn’t think you would get this far into a blog post without some kind of perk did you? It’s simple! Mention LLScene & receive 50% off your first wax!

 With a long history of ingrown hairs, Barbara suggested PFB Vanish + Chromabright. PFB is formulated to reduce the appearance of dark spots caused by ingrown hair, razor burn and bumps resulting from shaving, waxing, and tweezing. Talk about immediate results! Our skin has never felt smoother and more exfoliated!

Whether you’re getting your eyebrows waxed or dare we say, the full monty brazilian, you want to trust your esthetician with your life. With an on & off relationship with waxing, we are confident to say that we have found our forever home at Waxing the City. After all….bathing suit season is coming!

Disclaimer: Of course, all opinions & reviews are our very own. Some of our posts & ads contain affiliate links to make a purchase. We only partner with companies we are truly passionate about. It’s little things like this, which come as no extra charge to our loyal readers, that keep us up & running. Thanks so much!

xoxo, Lindsey & Lilly

Desk Makeover

In all honesty, we were supposed to publish this post when we moved, which was months ago. Oops! It took us a teeny bit longer to create our “at home” dream office, but it’s finally completed-ish. As most of you know, Lindsey & Lilly both moved back in October! With every move, you can always anticipate stress, chipped manicures, and fights with your significant other. That being said, a move also comes with a fresh start, a renewal if you will.

With both of our moves, it was important for us to reinvent our sense of interior home style. Having Lilly’s sister, Lauren, as one of the founders of Luxe Report Designs, it wasn’t hard to find immediate inspiration as we went room by room trying to figure out how we would reinvent ourselves.

Lindsey’s new house came with a decent sized loft, which screamed LLScene headquarters, despite#SceneBoy, Blake trying to make it into an FSU themed man room. As if he stood a chance on that battle…

Believe it or not, Lindsey isn’t the most gifted when it comes to ‘arts and crafts’. Left handed people may be creative, but they’re unable to paint in straight lines or handle power tools for a long period of time. With a good chunk of space, it was important for her to fill up the room without making it look too cluttered. The chaise lounge has been with Lindsey for about 2 years, so that was an automatic addition to the room.

We are really feeling peonies to be the flower of the moment this fall. Whether it’s in a bridal bouquet, or displayed the way Lindsey has them in her office, we are all about it. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time or patience to grow them ourselves, so we couldn’t be more grateful for companies like the Stemple Shop that offer Real Touch Artificial Peonies like the arrangement seen here.

The vanity has to be our favorite part about Lindsey’s new office, which was obviously 100% inspired by Lauren & Christin of Luxe Report Designs. What’s not to love about a vanity that gives you the opportunity to display and swoon over all your favorite things?! 

Now, stop what you’re doing and check out the site, Shop Rachel George because that is where our 8″ Quilted Round Vase that holds our peonies comes from. We like to call ourselves ‘gold enthusiasts’ at LLScene, so you can imagine the amount of  time and money we have spent shopping on her site.

Every boss lady needs a boss lady mug. One of our favorite Etsy shops, The Scribble Studio gifted this adorable mug, which has become quite the necessity for Lindsey when she is up blogging late at night.

We’ve been searching for an excuse to implement tassel garlands into our everyday lives for quite some time. Once one of our #SceneGirls recommended using them to spice up some of the office wall space, it was all over from there. These adorable tassels are from another adorable Etsy shop called Tassel & Twine, which immediately transformed the room when they were hung.

This adorable Simplified Pineapple Planner by Emily Ley is our favorite new desk prop. It meshes perfectly with our other accessories and it’s also a really great planner.

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into our new office! Stay tuned for more as we expand!

xoxo, Lindsey & Lilly

How to Wear the New Spring Pantones

Have you seen the latest issue of Boca Mag? LLScene spotlights their favorite looks inspired by the 2016 Spring Pantone Color Guide! There’s been a transition into the softer, cooler side of the color spectrum this spring as designers reveal understated brights and pale pastels, matching the much anticipated 2016 Pantone Color Guide.

We’ve been seeing celebrities wearing these colors lately, so it felt like the right time to premier them on LLScene! This season promises an array of whimsical collections inspired by gender neutral undertones.

Want to know how to implement the most popular spring colors into your wardrobe? Here are some of our favorite looks & products!

xoxo, Lindsey & Lilly

Cristina Ruales | LLScene Fashion Week Recap

LLScene is back and recapping another one of our favorite shows! Inspired by nature versus architecture, you will notice Cristina Ruales’ Fall/Winter collection speaks to the everyday commuter with a sense of style. She showed dark rugged pieces followed by delicate wintery looks, which can be worn by all. We’re all about her line and can’t say enough good things! Here are some of our favorite looks from her upcoming look book.

Photo Credit: Robin Merchant/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Erin Ramon

LLScene is back and recapping another one of our favorite shows! Inspired by nature versus architecture, you will notice Cristina Ruales’ Fall/Winter collection speaks to the everyday commuter with a sense of style. She showed dark rugged pieces followed by delicate wintery looks, which can be worn by all. We’re all about her line and can’t say enough good things! Here are some of our favorite looks from her upcoming look book.

Photo Credit: Robin Merchant/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Erin Ramon

xoxo, Lindsey & Lilly

Christian Siriano | LLScene Fashion Week Recap

We’re back (and exhausted). REALLY exhausted. Who knew there was so much partying involved during NYFW? We knew. We always know, but never prepare accordingly. Want to know something else your #SceneGirls never prepare for? The rush of bitter cold air against our skin as we walk out of Laguardia for the first time. Once again, we were there during one of the coldest weekends of the year. Florida girls can’t hang.

On to what really matters, the fashion. All we have to say is “wow”. There wasn’t a show that didn’t blow us away this year. Today, we’re recapping one of our favorite designers and shows of the week, Christian Siriano!

There aren’t enough words in the dictionary for us to describe our thoughts about Christian Siriano’sFall/Winter collection. Since his debut on Project Runway, we have always supported Siriano and his vision for high fashion. Siriano’s fall/winter ‘16 collection uses volume, texture, soft fibers, andmasculine undertones in shape and silhouette.

Runway Image Credit: Dan Lecca

Menswear-inspired inspired suits and tailored evening pieces balance it out. Staying true to his inspiration behind the line, Siriano continues to remain loyal to his feminine clients, while introducing them to innovative creations of our time as well. Who wouldn’t trust this mastermind? We’re basically obsessed with everything he showed this year. Check out the slideshow below to see our picks for his most #SceneWorthy looks. P.S. We’re beyond obsessed with the second dress and need it now.

xoxo, Lindsey & Lilly

Best Friend Bathing Suit Giveaway

LLScene has an amazing giveaway you’re going to want to know all about. It might be a little chilly to start thinking about bathing suits right no, but you will thank us in a week from now when we are back to our hot South Florida temperatures. We absolutely love sharing new brands with our followers, especially when it comes to swimsuits. Whether it has to do with your ever-changing curves, or lack of a tan,  it’s safe to say that women typically don’t love shopping for bathing suits. Until now….

LLScene has teamed up with an emerging artist on the swimsuit scene to celebrate Valentine’s Day a little differently this year, with a Best Friend Giveaway! Poema Swim speaks to the #SceneGirls of the world by creating suits for bikini lovers, beach admirers and travel enthusiasts. Not only are her stylesHOT, they’re SO well-made. It’s so hard to come across a swim brand that provides stylish looks and comfort all rolled into one. We’ve been obsessing over these suits and know that you will too. Themoment you put one of these suits you on something just happens to you. They’re so well-made that you immediately generate a boost of confidence and love for your beautiful body.

Since Lindsey & Lilly are best friends, it was only appropriate to promote this giveaway during Valentine’s Day week, while we celebrate our love for girl power and friendship.

Our followers will have the opportunity to win: a Peoma Bikini, a White Islander Poncho Coverup, and three different Florida Salt Scrub Scents.

So, here’s what you have to do in order to win!

1.) Follow @Poemaswim & @LLScene

2.) Post a photo of you and your best friend

3.) Hashtag #iloveyoulike & finish the phrase.

 Easy enough right? This is a week long giveaway, so you have the opportunity to enter every single day if you’d like! Contact us directly for more information. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

xoxo, Lindsey & Lilly