Valentines Day Looks

Whether you’re going out with your girlfriends or having a cozy night in with someone special, dressing the part can make all the difference on Valentines Day. We’ve created the perfect outfits, which will have you feeling flirty, fun, and sexy no matter what you have planned. 

1. All American Valentine 

All that glitters is gold. Pull out all the stops with this flirty cupcake number, complete with one of our favorite 2015statements, sequins, gotta have the sequins. One splurge item is necessary, so we’ll pull out our YSL Clutch andClassic Nude Pumps to complete your look.  And, for your nails…? That’s easy, Fiji by Essie. This look is perfect for aromantic dinner ended with a night of dancing. 

2. This One’s For the Girls 

The Heartbreaker Tank is an inevitable trend for this kind of night. Followed by a Hot Pink Mini Statement Skort andBlack Leather Jacket; you will be turning heads and being handed drinks. Black Over and Oval Wedges will complete your sexy look, while keeping you comfortable as you bebop around town. 

3. Oh, you fancy huh? 

As mentioned in our last post, if Lindsey & Lilly weren’t going to be at #NYFW for Valentines Day, Lindsey and Blake had dinner reservations at Renato’s on Worth Ave, which was recently voted one of Palm Beach’s most romanticrestaurants. This Wine Red Dress is our chosen seductive color to match the new Louboutins you got for Valentines Day! Vintage Diamond Earrings and a Louis Vuitton Clutch will pull it all together. 

 4. Drunk in Love

We were a little unsure about this Dress, hence the lack of creativity and accessories. But, for some reason we just kept coming back to it. It could be the Kim K. vibe Lilly loves about it, or the sexy cut outs that draw Lindsey to this look. Whether it’s your hubby, fiance, boyfriend, or even ½ boyfriend (you know who you are…),  we want this dress &Bootie Heels for a swanky night of romance in Miami.  

4. Down Home Chic 

Secretly, our favorite Valentines Day look. There’s nothing sexier than being cuddled  up on the couch with your honey in a flirty Off the Shoulder Sweatshirt, comfy Yoga Pants, and a messy bun. Don’t forget about the chick flicks.Our guys only recognize Reese Witherspoon on the red carpet because of that ‘Alabama movie she was in’. Free flowing wine and an unlimited amount of chocolate, & Slippers how could you ever want anything else?

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