LLScene DIY Hallowee

If you haven’t caught on, we absolutely love the month of October at LLScene. We are at the age where funny/creative Halloween costumes trump the slutty ones. LLScene Co-Founder, Lilly has never given into the society expectations of Halloween by always making it funny. Today’s #TryItTuesday post features the years of hard work and DIY dedication that went into making Lilly’s costumes a Halloween success!

Lilly as a ‘Lobster in a Pot’

Lilly as a ‘Vine of Grapes’

Lilly as ‘Celery’ and #SceneGirl Jenny as a ‘Carrot’

Even Lindsey joined in on the DIY festivities when they dressed up as ‘Loofas’!

Lilly as ‘Bubbles’

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